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Vulcan Tech Gospel #1

May 5, 2015


This is a project started in the Vulcan and soon took off into a world of its.  Together with Brain Thompson, Lorq, David Cantor and more rough outlines were created.  We would bring our work for peer review daily and discuss the consequences of our logics.   hence the tech gospel was formed.I spent hours translating the docs into indesign.   Forest Sterns provided the logo and image you can check out his site  www.draweverywhere .comThis project is free for the community but please refer to the authors about the topics.    Thank you to everyone involved in the first part of this project.   There are hopes for a book in the future collecting the gospel and the process of creation.  If you like this please share with your friends!



10/3/11 Fixed basics shapes page, some wrong T&D’s and also fixed missing vertical antispin

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