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Noel Yee’s Bio

One of the most important figures of the modern flow arts scene, Noel Yee has had a strong hand in the evolution of flow arts culture and brings a unique understanding of object manipulation to the table. With thousands of students over his eleven years of training, you can’t go wrong with a class from Noel. In addition to his performing career and quality instruction, Noel is part owner and founder of many notable events, performance troops and flow arts companies including Flow Arts Institute, FireDrums, Kinetic Fire, Vulcan Crew, Foreways Project, Vulcan DVDs, Give Props Documentary, is the director of the Flow Show Project and is a board member of the International Juggling Association. If it’s insight into the flow arts mindset and culture you seek, or just want to grow your skills and techniques, take a lesson from a seasoned pro.

Noel is Featured in the following instructional Videos!

  • All VulcanDVDs www.vulcandvds.com
  • Staff Manipulation with MCP
  • Doubles Staff Manipulation with MCP
  • Fire Groove Fire Dance All Stars
  • Encylo-poi-dia 1 and 2 with Zan Moore
  • Cirles of Light 2007-2011






  1. Flowshow Chicago
  2. Flowshow SF
  3. Flame festival – SC
  4. Kinetic Fire OH
  5. Circus of Flow 2, CA
  6. FireDrums, CA
  7. Jordan Campbell’s and Selena’s wedding Philly , PA
  8. Campfire, MN
  9. Project Earth , MN
  10. Tom Charots and Val’s  wedding – Quebec
  11. PEX summer fest, MD
  12. Mumu and Alex wedding- Puerto Rico
  13. Return to Roots , PA
  14. IJA 2014, IN
  15. Foreways Project Rehearsal,
  16. Burning Man, NV
  17. Pacific Fire Gathering, OR
  18. Wildfire, CN
  19. Flowcamp, KY
  20. MOPS, CA
  21. Pyrotraina, CA


  1. Feb 16th-17th– MOPS Lantern Flow Festival – Los Angeles CA
  2. March 22nd- 24th–Humboldt Fuggling Festival – Arcata, CA
  3. April 5th-7th 2013-FlowShow,SF (www.theflowshow.org) San Francisco,CA
  4. April-11th-14th FLAME Festival (www.flamefestival.com) Lafayette, GA
  5. May 16-19th 2013 Kinetic Fire (www.kineticfire.org)  College Corner, OH
  6. Circus of Flow ( Circus Show at the Vulcan)
  7. May 30th- June 2nd Firedrums (www.firedrums.org) Tahoe, CA
  8. June14-17th Campfire- (https://www.campfireretreat.com) Three Sisters Park, MI
  9. Feb 16th-17th– MOPS Lantern Flow Festival – Los Angeles CA
  10. March 22nd- 24th–Humboldt Fuggling Festival  – Arcata, CA
  11. April 5th-7th 2013 – Flow Show SF (www.theflowshow.org) San Francisco,CA
  12. April 11th-14th2013Flame Festival (www.flamefestival.commpfireretreat.com) Three Sisters Park, MI
  13. June 20th- 23 – Madskillz (http://madskillzvancouver.com/)  Vancouver BC
  14. Seattle Workshops
  15. PEX Summer Festival
  16. European Juggling Convention
  17. August Wildfire
  18. Burning Man Fire Conclave
  19. Tahoe Flow Fest
  20. Pacific Fire Gathering (www.pacificfiregathering.com)
  21. Sept Wildfire (www.wildfireretreat.org) 
  22. Portland juggling festival
  23. Bay Area Circus Arts Festival
  24. Master Ong’s flow retreat
  25. Pyrotrania (www.flowartsinstitute.com)
  26. December 13-15th NYC Flow Show (www.theflowshow.org)


  1. FlowShow NYC Dec 21-23, Triskelion Arts NY,  NY.
  2. Pyrotrainia Dec 2012
  3. RISE Big Sur Oct 2012
  4. Portland Juggling Festival- Sept 2012
  5. Pacific Fire Gathering,  Oregon
  6. Burning Man 2012, BRC  – Shin of Vulcan
  7. Spark Fire Festival, Peoria IL   Aug 3rd-6th 
  8. International Juggling Festival, WInston Salem NC July 16-21st  
  9. PEX Fest, Darlington MD, June 29-July 2
  10. Madskillz Juggle Fest, June 22nd-24th
  11. Summer Spin Retreat w/ Noel, Mosier OR June 15-17
  12. Firedrums X, Northern CA, May 31-June 3
  13. Kinetic Fire Gathering, College Corner Ohio, May 10-13
  14. F.L.A.M.E Festival, Lafayette Georgia, April 12-15
  15. Flow Show IV, Dance Mission Theatre SF April 6-8
  16. Humboldt Juggling Festival, Arcata CA March 15-18
  17. Damento Juggling Festival, Sacramento CA Feb 24-26