Noel has been a teacher of science to children for over 10 years and loves to teach.  He delves deep into the subjects he studies trying to understand content enough to teach it to others.    He works hard to find elegant ways to bring knowledge and enlightenment to others through varied teaching methods.  In particular he really likes using manipulatives in the educational process.

Currently Noel spends much of his time working on the flow arts institute educational videos and also the Vulcan Tech Gospel Project.



I have taken multiple workshops led by Noel in the past few years. He is an excellent teacher he really knows how to break down complex concepts for better understanding and he has really helped me to clean up my spinning!

–Kate McCoy, OH

Noel Yee has an incredible ability to break down concepts and communicate them in an approachable manner. He’s a patient, dedicated teacher as well as a talented flow artist. Every time Noel’s teaching, I make it a point to be there!

–Sean Stogner, NY

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