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Vulcan Tech Gospel #2

September 13, 2015



Hey all, David “Tankboy” Cantor and I have been walled up in my home drawing and scribbling trying to figure out the easiest way to pass along all this information.  We found a way, Vulcan Tech Gospel 2.  Artist Forest Stearns, has come along again to make an awesome image to help promote these tech ideas.  He inspires our work and we inspire his own.Anyhoo. download for free, enjoy.  Please don’t sell them or anything unless you talk to use first.  The second gospel takes off where the first left off.  VTG#1 dealt with non polyrythmic pattern of one to one. One hand circle for every prop circle.  The new Gospel Deals with 3 to 3 beats of the 4 petal antispin and the 2 petal spin.   Please join our facebook group…..if you can find it 😉

10/27/11 **VTG#2 Index 3/3 Uploaded.***  ( I know it says 2of3 on the file path)
10/22/11 **VTG#2Index 2/3 Finally Uploaded and working!**
10/12/11 **Issues with Downloading Chapter 2 have been fixed!! It works now! **
10/10/11 **Vulcan Tech Gospel #2 Chapter 2 and VTG#2 Index 2/3 RELEASED***  Also Vulcan Tech Gospel #1 Updated and Centered by Aaron Poppie
10/4/11 ***Vulcan Tech Gospel #2 Chapter 1 and VTG#2: Index 1/3 RELEASED***

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