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The Flowshow Chicago

November 27, 2015

As the Director for three US based shows, The Flowshow Chicago, volume 2, was an amazing experience.  Being immersed in the art of my peers and also the up and coming youth.  I watched many of my friends get older and more mature.  This was both in their art and their leadership to others.  All of us became transformed by the experience.  It made me think about transformation of one’s life via a small event.  FlowShow was not a huge event but the amount of love that went into it transformed a space and perspective.  It;s a time to not be jaded and to allow the warmth of the creation generation wash over.  Its so natural, like a leaf blowing off a tree, to see a performer take the air and to make it art.    I find the most joy in helping others succeed and become empowered with their art.   I am honored to have played any role in that.   So yeah, i am all choked up, but thanks chicago.

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